Edit and Mixing with Us

We have six online, offline Avid and Resolve suites and over 100 terabytes of online 4k shared storage. All suites have Adobe Creative with the ability to have multiple editors collaborating together internally at Eden, or remotely on our secure cloud internet server. We mix and master audio in-house and produce OP59 mixes for television commercials and digital content in our Dolby ATMOS suites with Protools and Fairlight.

We regularly produce and deliver Dolby ATMOS master final mixes for short films, feature films, streaming platforms, along with corporate and all digital platforms. Our suite is set up for Dolby ATMOS surround sound, 5.2.1 and stereo mixes.

Charles Darwin University Student Stories
Editor: Adam Eden CSI

Project delivery made easy

We utilise the latest digital offerings from Digital pigeon to make life easier to send MPG’s, masters and files to clients and agencies. With Digital Pigeon, you can view and approve your projects live from any smartphone or tablet.