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Davinchi is the industry standard in grading and our suite has been built incorporating the full size panel with the
brand new Mac Pro tower with loads of memory and GPU's for realtime 4k HDR grading/ finishing and DCP creation.

Our new Davinchi system incorporates 5.1 Surround sound and the industry standard SONY BVW-310 4k HDR compliant monitor
We are the only independent film company in Sydney offering this service which is Netflix, Amazon Prime and Stan compliant.

Arri Raw/ Red Raw file are played back and graded in realtime so you sessions will be much shorter than other
facilities and there is little or no rendering required until the final output.

We specialise in finishing short films/ feature films/ streaming 4k HDR content, content and television commercials.

We regularly grade for the high end of the market including, BBC, Hyundai, Kia, MG, Renault, Kleenex, Canon, Sony and more.

This suite is available to bring in your own operator or you can use me.

Below is my reel and I am a fully accredited international colourist gaining my CSI accreditation.

HP Sprocket

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